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White tea is a lightly oxidized tea grown and harvested almost exclusively in China, primarily in the Fujian province. White tea comes from the delicate buds and younger leaves of the tea plant and are allowed to wither in natural sunlight before they are processed.
Sweet Peach $14.50 Half lb.
White tea, with its sweet, soft floral flavors is an ideal choice to blend with delicate fruit notes. Sweet peach flavor brings out the best in white tea and creates a delightful twist on our wonderful Shou Mei. Delicious served iced as well as hot, this tea makes an ideal light, summery drink.
White Winter Chai $27.50 Half lb.
A soft, delicate version of traditional Indian chai, White Winter Chai features our fine Shou Mei white tea amongst the backdrop of customary chai spices, with one surprising addition: coconut. Brace your senses for a swift uplifting...this dreamy chai blend is sure to send you afloat.