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Our coffee is roasted daily right here in Alaska and is shipped fresh so you can enjoy the highest quality and freshest coffee availalble.

Black Gold — Italian Bold
Low acidity, very dark, smooth, strong. Dark Italian Roast.

Colombia — Medium Roast
Outstanding stand alone origin. Great body, full flavor, aromatic taste.

Espresso Classic — Vienna Roast
Sweet, strong, heavy body, rich taste. **Barista’s Choice

Espresso Classic Decaf — Vienna Roast
No kicking allowed. Sweet, strong, heavy body. Rich taste with no punch!

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe — Medium Roast
Floral aromatic characteristics. Mild fruit-like flavor.

Fairbanks Choice — Full City Roast
Great for All Occasions. Complex, unique rich blend, full body and aroma.

French Roast — Dark Roast
Dessert Friendly with a unique sweetness and hints of chocolates. Smooth flavor.

Musher’s Blend — Medium-Dark Roast
Tamed Flavorful Experience. Balanced blend of medium roast origin coffee with a complimentary French Roast note.

North Pole Blend — Full City Roast
Rich high grown, Central and South American coffee. **Award Winning

North Pole Blend Decaf — Vienna Roast
Jitter Free Great Taste. Rich blend of Central and South American decaffeinated Arabica coffee.

Santa’s Blend — Vienna Roast
How Santa Pulls the All-Nighter. Sweet, strong, heavy body, rich taste.

Tanzania Peaberry — Full City Roast
Gourmet African Coffee. Concentrated flavor for a lively cup, full body and a distinguished aroma.

Wake-Up Call — Medium-Dark Roast
The Day Starts Here. Fall city roast origin coffee blended with a dark bodied Italian roast.

St. Nickerdoodle — Full City Roast
Santa’s Favorite. Flavorful combination of Cinnamon and Hazelnut. **Signature Flavor